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Hamilton County Democratic Party banner held by marcher in a Madeira, Ohio parade

Volunteer and find events near you. The main app for Dems to learn about coordinated campaigns, canvassing, phone banks, voter registration, and more.

Which District???

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So many maps, so little time.
Madeira is in:

  • Ohio House District 28, currently, but becomes part of District 27 in election ’24
  • Ohio Senate District 8
  • Congressional District 1
  • State School District 4

Organization of the Democratic Party

Understand where the individual voter fits into all the other local, state, and national structures.

madeira democrats regular meetings:

Held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.

Rsvp with an email if you’d like to get the Zoom link (if the meeting is hybrid).

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David Pepper’s crowdfunding approach to support down-ballot Dem candidates, every time in every race in Ohio. Too many statehouse races have gone uncontested and unsupported–and Democrats in these districts feel abandoned. Meanwhile, GOP nominees get a free pass.


Fight back against gerrymandered maps with Fair Districts and Common Cause Ohio.

Dave’s Redistricting: Empowering the average citizen to understand maps. Ohio Maps are not settled for the decade!

About Us

We’re neighbors and friends who work and live in Madeira, Ohio.