Madeira Democrats ready to canvass

October ’22 Newsletter

Early in-person voting has begun! What’s your plan to vote? 

Election season is here, and we can help you prepare.

  • Did you miss the Indian Hill event featuring great Democratic candidates? We have a brief recap and photos from those who made it!
  • Our weekend of action was amazing, too. Read about the success of the October canvassing completed so far, and learn how you can still help.
  • Wondering what’s at stake if you sit out this election? How about control of our public schools, abortion bans, LGBTQ+ rights, gun reform, and your ability to vote in another election! So many candidates are running to take back our state from extremists, but they can’t do it without your vote.
  • Too scary, even for October? Well, there’s still time to get in on some fun, too, with our friendly competition to win desirable prizes, glorious accolades, and the esteem of your peers!

If you haven’t volunteered so far, we have a crucial task coming up:
Sign up to hand out the Democratic slate card at Madeira polling sites on Election Day, Nov. 8.

We’ve broken down Election Day ‘22 into manageable two-hour shifts at any one of Madeira’s polling places. We provide the slate cards, you provide the enthusiasm to get Democrats to vote the entire ballot. First time? Let us know and we can kick off your shift with another “seasoned” volunteer.

Help fellow voters who haven’t memorized candidate names to vote the entire slate, including judges!

Be a genius, sign up here: signup link

There’s still time to enter the contest: Get Out The Vote in Madeira!

What’s your specialty? Writing postcards? Yard sign champion? Never miss a meeting? Fill out three in a row (or more) and enter your card at the Whitted household. Mark every action item completed on the same card for multiple chances to win, and submit by 11/8 end of day!

We’ve also got plenty of Jessica Miranda postcards to write, or if you’d rather donate toward the postage on our mass mailing, that’s another option. Contact or Jodi Whitted for more details.

Canvassing Success in Madeira

In early October, hardy Madeira Dems braved inclement weather…

Ok, ok, it was a beautiful weekend on Oct. 1 and the following week! Perfect for door-knocking and distributing candidate literature.

Many, many, thanks to the volunteers who took a route, or several, to blanket likely voters in Madeira with literature and a slate card showing how to vote the entire Democratic ballot.

Indian Hill “Meet the Candidates” Event

A packed house turned out at the Little Red School House Sept. 25.

Madeira Dems hung our banner proudly as a co-sponsor with other local clubs. Our volunteers helped with set up and got to meet candidates. 

Inspiring speakers included Nan Whaley, Greg Landsman, Jody Luebbers, Scott Schertzer, and Katie Hofmann. Are they household names to you? They’re working hard to earn your vote, watch for their names on your ballot and sample slate.

Attendees also met judicial candidates Anne Flottman, Manisha Kotian, Terri Jamison, Rickell Howard Smith, Jennifer Kinsley, and Tom Heekin. Rachel Baker spoke about running for state representative in the 27th and Isaac Goff-Mitchell stood in for Jessica Miranda.

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