March 2023 Newsletter

  • In this issue:
  • Reproductive rights initiative update
  • Report on the Ohio party presentation for Southwest Ohio
  • Precinct executives are fired up
  • Please, please pay your dues, contact Treas. Tim Messerly
  • Next meeting April 12
  • We have some PE openings to fill

Repro Rights Ballot Initiative Update

The Ohio Democratic Party is coordinating petition printing and distribution for the party, and Hamilton County has already blasted through our first batch of petitions, with more arriving soon! What can you do?

For the most up-to-date information, join the ODP distributed team on Slack. This connects volunteers throughout the state to the ODP coordinated efforts and personnel. There is a complete set of tools and guides located there. Get trained to properly gather signatures, as each line will be scrutinized.

We’re expecting the next batch of petitions to arrive at the Hamilton County party office soon. Call next week at (513) 421-0495 to confirm when the petitions are in.

Where to sign a petition:

Look on for an event in your area. Note that there are many groups gathering signatures and you should only sign one petition.

Petitions are being distributed by ODP around the state as quickly as printers can finish them. Once we have received a larger print order of petitions, HCDP will begin scheduling more events around the county.

Hamilton County Democratic Party Completed Precinct Executive Training

Your hard-working precinct executives attended training on March 18 from 10 am to 3 pm coordinated by HCDP Executive Director Isaac Goff-Mitchell. The event included guest speakers Eddie Davenport, David Pepper, Representative Dani Isaacsohn, Chair Gwen McFarlin, and Mayor Aftab Pureval. We’re looking forward to much more help and organization from our county party this year and next.

Southwest Ohio ODP Presentation

How Are Statewide Decisions Made in Election Season?

Click this post to read the full article.

Wondering what to do next? Join Madeira Dems, obviously! You can also sign up for HCDP newsletters for county-wide information and talk to your Precinct Executive or State Central Committee Rep, Jim Ryan, if you want to weigh in on any of the goals and planning for 2023 and beyond. They represent us as they serve on the ODP Executive Committee.
We’re in need of precinct executives for a few spots! Contact Chelsea if you can help.

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