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  • How Are Statewide Decisions Made in Election Season?

    Madeira Dem members listened in to the ODP regional presentation in February. Southwest Ohio Family Meeting with Liz Walters, Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) Madeira Dems’ regular meeting was replaced by a call to attend the ODP Southwest Ohio region’s “family” meeting. This was one of five virtual events presented to these Ohio…

  • Meet the Candidates

    Meet the Candidates

    Meet Whaley, Landsman, Baker, Miranda, Judicial Candidates, Hofmann for School Board and more!

  • August ’22 Essentials

    August ’22 Essentials

    James Ryan wins 8th District State Central Committee.

  • Spotlight: City Council 101 with Nancy Spencer

    Madeira Dems enjoyed a lively Q&A with former Madeira Mayor Nancy Spencer at the July 28 “summer civics” gathering. Nancy fielded topics about city council decision-making and shared insights from her time as mayor.

  • Spotlight:  Civics and Sangria with Brian Mueller

    Spotlight: Civics and Sangria with Brian Mueller

    Brian Mueller, former city council member, sat down with fellow Dems to share some of his experiences with civics, volunteering, and serving on Madeira City Council.

  • About That Controversial City Council Meeting

    The City Council of Madeira witnessed an outpouring of public opinionat their semi-monthly meeting Monday night. Over 60 people attendedin person, with more watching remotely via Zoom. Although not listedon the council agenda, the topic driving the increased turnout becameapparent during community participation. More than 20 peoplestepped to the podium to voice their views on…