Jessica Miranda, Greg Landsman, and a volunteer

Spotlight: August Q & A with Jessica Miranda

We had the chance to check in with Jessica Miranda, our District Representative for the 28th, who’s running for re-election in November. She’s added a busy schedule of appearances and campaigning to her other responsibilities but took time to answer a few questions for Maderia Democrats.

Q: We’ve seen you refer to the latest redistricting as “the toughest map I’ve
ever had.” What does that mean, what changed?

Jessica: “What they did is remove the three northwestern precincts, all of which
were heavy Dem precincts. This took away about 1% of our Democrats. We
can still win, but it makes it incredibly tough.”

Q: What are some steps the average Democrat can take now to help your re-
election campaign?

“Postcards and phone banking are amazing ways to help, but the most
important thing we can do is direct voter contact through door-to-door
canvassing. Our campaign is canvassing every weeknight and every weekend.
We’re happy to partner new canvassers with experienced folks who can help
each other through the process!

“Also, our postcard parties are posted on Facebook. Our next one is at the
Madeira Public Library Friday afternoon (Aug. 12).”

Q: We see candidates proud to receive your endorsement, like Dani Isaacsohn
and Rachel Baker. Which races are going to be in the “close but winnable”

“Thankfully, Dani’s seat is a safe blue district, so he shouldn’t have much to
worry about moving forward!

“The 27th district is very similar to the Great 28. Rachel Baker and I are both
running in true 50/50 seats, and will have to fight to earn our spots in the
statehouse. These races will be close, but they are totally winnable if we all do
our part.”

Q: Do you have any tips for balancing life with volunteering for campaigns?

“The best way to balance life with campaign volunteering is to volunteer with
friends. This way, when you’re knocking on doors, walking in parades, or writing
postcards, you’re doing it with friends. It’s common that folks end up falling in
love with campaigning!

“That being said, mental health and physical health always come first. As much
as we would all love to do everything within our power to elect Democrats, we must take days off to spend with family and take care of ourselves.”

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